Snaz 1.12

Adds streaming capabilities to personal computers
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Enhance the functionality of such streaming software as OBS, FFSplit, Xsplit or similar products by enabling connection and management of data on personal computers by importing from and exporting to text files. Additional elements for customizing streaming are provided.

An intuitive standalone program to add stream software capability’s (In terms of streaming specific elements contents). Snaz is a object oriented programmed application written in C#. This first version is [on hold] as i’m developing v2.x Snaz is used by hundreds of live-streamers all over the world.

Snaz serves as an extension to stream software like OBS, FFSplit, Xsplit or any other software that is capable of importing/reading text from text files. This toolkit will enable you to stream elements that are not integrated by default within most (if not any) streaming software.

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